Thank you very much for the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight book.  It is a superbly photographed and put together book!”  –  Ian Hallam


Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

An Inspirational Collection of Photography

” The Battle of Britain turned out to be the biggest air battle the world has ever seen and was the Royal Air Force’s greatest battle honour.

From May to June of 1940 after capturing France in just 46 days, the eyes of the German war machine-turned to England, targeting British shipping convoys, ports and factories as their initial strategy. The Germans expected to have just as swift a victory and hoped for a ceasefire, if not outright surrender.

On the British side, it was a mix of Supermarine Spitfires and Hawker Hurricanes, and contrary to popular belief,  the latter had most of the kills to its name, though the numbers vary slightly depending on the stories which have been told. The general consensus for statistics in this battle is as follows.  The Germans attacked having around 2550 available aircraft, and the United Kingdom and its participating allies had around
1964 serviceable aircraft for defence.”  –  Peter Farrington CrGP

Find out more in Peter’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight book.

Book is available NOW! 

A book created out of passion – passion for both the subject and the art of photography – this book will not disappoint supporters of the Battle of Britain memorial Flight. The superb photography throughout does the majority of the talking but Peter does talk us through the flight and each of the planes within it along with a commentary of some of the stand out missions undertaken by these planes and their brave pilots. A lovely book to grace any shelf – we think you’ll really enjoy it.”

– Official Club RAF Memorial Flight

So it was the day of days yesterday!  I got my copy of one of my most eagerly anticipated books of the year.  Peter has put so much effort not only into researching this subject but also the meticulous attention to detail for the photography and the history of the aircraft types. This book really has to be high on the list for any fan of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight or anyone with a passing interest in the machines and the history behind them. Congratulations Peter on a fantastic piece of work!”

– Tim Keeble

This book is an absolute must, the pictures are unbelievably brilliant, many are so good that they look like paintings. The book not only has many fantastic photos but plenty of great information on the iconic planes. It is a fitting tribute to the brave men and women who flew these planes.  I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Anyone with a slight interest on the planes and the bravery of the crew will be thrilled to receive this magnificent book”.

– Lynn Fenwick

“You certainly picked a cover that grabs attention!  It’s a cracking image on the front and I see from a flick through you’ve managed to get up close to them.  I think I’ll enjoy reading this!”

– Karl Heath

Just wanted to let you know my copy of your book has arrived, what a cracker!!!  Thanks very much for the prompt delivery, and hope you may have a second volume planned?”

– Kevin Miles

I have received your book, Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.  Very pleased with the purchase of the book. Excellent photography.  Well worth buying and at such a great price!”

–  Stephen Low


From War Comes Beauty

The 40th Anniversary of the Falklands War

In this book, Peter Farrington digs into the “scars of war” by sharing pictures of his journey and capturing the island’s revival. I have been Peter’s photography mentor for several years and I was so pleased for Peter when he not only submitted his Craftsman panel with the Guild of Photographers but passed. Peter submitted a panel of twenty images in a “Photo Essay” format in September 2021.

Peter was fortunate to have served in the RAF and carried out seven “tours” of the Falklands over the past 20 years. He has seen many changes, including completing the mine clearance from the 1982 war. In his book, he shares the stories of the conflict through his photography, where the battles took place, the wild, rugged yet stunning scenery and the wonders of the wildlife that inhabit the islands.

Peter Farrington is an author and photographer specialising in military aviation photography. Peter’s book on the Falklands War, published on the 40th anniversary of the conflict, is a comprehensive photo essay about one of the most controversial events in British history. 


“I wanted to show how, from the horror of war, the rejuvenation of the Falklands into Islands of beauty. The return of the wildlife and the arrival of tourists flocking to see this amazing part of this British Overseas Territory”.

–  Peter Farrington, Author


Peter Farrington CrGP

As a boy, I remember sitting and watching my Grandad take pictures. I was fascinated. It was only a few years ago that I realised I too enjoyed taking photographs and capturing memories.  Photography for me is a hobby, but it’s slowly becoming a part of my life!  And now I’m photographing and getting up close to the BBMF is amazing. 

I want to thank all my family and friends for their support over the years and for putting up with some awful photos and some of the good ones too!   A special mention to my wife for all her amazing support over the years and during the last year working on my successful Craftsman with the Guild of Photographers.  

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Penguins of the Falklands

A really informative book!

The Falkland Islands are a remote set of South Atlantic Islands off the coast of South America. With rugged terrain and cliff-lined coasts.

One of the prime attractions which prompt people to travel to the far southern seas and make the long journey to see the amazing marine life that the Falklands has in abundance.  An interesting fact is that there are hundreds of islands and islets that are home to Sheep Farms and birdlife. 

This book is about Penguins, but I also wanted to show you the wonders that these Islands hold before we get to the part everyone loves – Penguins!


Great photos and bang on information with a hint of humour!  Having been to the Falkland Islands myself,  I wish I had this book for a guide.  Well put together! Definitely a talented photographer with an eye for wildlife.  Would recommend to wildlife enthusiasts and would definitely recommend seeing the wildlife up close and personal.    –  Highly Recommended!